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The Regional Government has already authorised the development protocols and cooperation in the field with the 14 participating groups in what is presented as the biggest budget ever for the Flower Festival.

For the purpose of the Madeiran executive, through the Regional Secretariat of Tourism and Culture, spending 341,256 euros in the parade of this year’s edition, distributing the investment by the 14 groups plus the fashion show.

Thus, according to the orders published on the afternoon of Wednesday, the AJEM (Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Madeira) receives the largest share, in view of the execution of a project entitled “Madeira Flower Collection” – fashion show – through a financial contribution that will not exceed 38,000 euros.

Following the group Maria Isabel Gomes Melo Borges de Castro, author of the project titled “Jewellery”, through a financial contribution that will not exceed 29,965 euros and the Association ANIMAD that will have 24,140 euros to present “La Dolce Vita.”

Eight groups will each receive a contribution of € 22,405.5: Tramas e Enredos – Associação, with the project entitled “To speak of flowers: colourful exuberance in the procession of flowers”; João Sílvio Rodrigues Ferreira, with “Eden of the Atlantic”; the Cultural Association Império da Ilha, with ‘A Voyage of Flowers’; João dos Santos da Incarnação Mendes, with “Ao Sabor do Vento”; the Fura Association, with “A Valsa das Flores”; the School of Samba Furada Mug, with “O Circo”; the Musical, Cultural and Recreational Association and Chamber Chamber Choir of Lobos, with the “Island, Portal Encantado”; and the Geringonça Animation Association, with the “Child’s Dream”.

Following are three associations that will have a support of 19 thousand euros each. They are Francis Alejandro Figueira Cardoso, author of the project titled “The Enchanted Garden”; Marisa Alves Fernandes, author of “The Legend of Machim”; and Nívea Maria Dantas Lira Gonçalves, with “Santos da Festa”.

The group of João Egídio Andrade Rodrigues with a view to the execution of the project entitled “Six Centuries in Flower” receives a support of 12,905.50 euros.

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