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Carlota Mendes Gomes, the guide that was travelling on the bus that killed 29 people in Caniço, has already showed signs of improvement, leaving a message of thanks to all those who have expressed their support and wishes for a good recovery. The young survivor of the tragic event, wrote on Facebook just after 10pm yesterday, a message on her Facebook, which left dozens of friends relieved and happy.

“Hello everyone … I’m sorry but I cannot answer the messages sent to me one by one but I can’t fail to thank you for the affection I have felt from everyone … and I also have to thank all those who helped me to be here today to write this message .. I hope when I am fully recovered, you can thank me personally with a big hug.

Thank you for your support, says the young guide, who is still hospitalised in the hospital dr. Nélio Mendonça. To this commentary are followed by hundreds of ‘likes’ and dozens of messages of support, encouragement and joy.

“Thank God you’re out of danger!”, “Recover quickly. We must go to dinner!” These are some of the many messages left to the young woman.

Carlota Mendes Gomes, Jose Sousa (bus driver) and a German woman with cervical problems are only three of the wounded who are still in the Funchal hospital, from the bus accident that occurred on April 17th, at 6.30 pm, below the Quinta Splendida. The bus accident caused 29 dead and 27 injured. One of the deaths was registered after having entered the hospital dr. Nélio Mendonça. The tour bus driver says the reason for the car’s misdirection was a mechanical failure.