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Henrique Afonso has just sailed from Aruba, Caribbean island where he stayed for a week. Now, the pirate from Madeira heads to Colombia on a trip that may take about three days to Santa Marta, where the port where the Madeiran fisherman intends to anchor the “Sofia do Mar” sailboat. It is about 300 nautical miles that the navigator will have to travel until arriving at that South American country.

The sailor will also be able to pass through Cartagena de Indias (Colombia) before heading to Panama, in what will later be seen as his ultimate challenge: entering the Pacific Ocean, waters he has never before sailed.

The challenge, one already knows: to go around the world aboard a nine-meter sailboat and return to Madeira, from where it departed on January 15th of this year. Henrique Afonso takes with him 200 liters of Madeira Wine, where he intends to recreate, in a certain way, the epic of ‘Vinho da Roda’.

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