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On Thursday, April 11, 45 participants from EB 2, 3 Dr Horácio Bento de Gouveia travelled from Madeira, in an initiative under the coordination of Professor Romulo Neves, from the English group, a project title ‘HBG goes to London’.

According to a note sent to the newsroom, this study visit aims to “improve the English language proficiency of the students,” give life to the manual “by visiting several emblematic sites of the British capital and provide recreational, playful and sporting learning under the reality from UK”.

He also informed that not only will students take classes with local teachers and in multicultural groups, but they will also have the opportunity to extend their knowledge in an exponential way. For Professor Romulo Neves this is “a winning bet that is achieved thanks to the hard work of English teachers, the support of management and the involvement of parents.” 

The students return to Madeira on April 18, and a day later they prepare the preparations for the following project: ‘HBG in New York’