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This weekend Ilha in Santana holds its annual Lemon Festival, the 18th exhibition this year.

With the organization of the local Casa do Povo, the main objective of the event is to honor farmers and promote an agricultural product of recognised importance in the family economy of the parish. In addition, the ‘Lemon Festival’ has focused on promoting the cultural, social and economic particularities of the population of this locality of Santana. 
With an eclectic program, this year’s edition includes a number of cultural and recreational activities, with well-known names from the regional and national music scene.

The organiser of this ‘Lemon Festival’ expects a great turnout, having already confirmed several excursions.  Also to attend the event is Miguel Albuquerque, who will deliver the prizes to the farmers / exhibitors by 2 pm Sunday, then there will be more music and dance to 6pm, when the festival closes.