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Thank you to Patricia Tyler for this information.
The Madeira Chamber Choir, conducted by Zelia Gomes,  will be performing Rossini’s Petite Messe Solenelle this week with soloists…
Mariana Pimenta – soprano
Catia Moresco – contralto
Alberto de Sousa – tenor
Ricardo Panela – bass
Anika Harangi – 1st piano
Leonilde Ramos – 2nd piano
Paulo Silva – harmonia
Tuesday 9th – Congresso Funchal 9 pm…10 euros
Wed. 10th Congresso Porto Santo 9 pm… 10 euros
Friday 12th Casas das Mudas Calheta 9 pm …free
Saturday 13th Congresso Funchal   8 pm …10 euros