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The Regional Directorate of Heritage and Informatics, hereby announces that on May 7, 2019, at 10:00 am, in the auditorium of the Regional Secretariat for Equipments and Infrastructures, it will proceed to the sale, through Hasta Pública, of the vessel “CALMA “.

The basic amount is € 65,000.00 (sixty-five thousand euros).

If you want to see the boat go to Porto do Caniçal.

The vessel “CALMA”, with the type of sailboat hull, was built in 1994, has motor and sail propulsion system and was registered under nº 734042 (UK) in Glasgow, United Kingdom.

It is recalled that the sailboat was seized in June 2016, in Calheta, with 588 kilos of cocaine on board.

The courts declare it lost in favor of the Region.

Taken from Funchal News