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After the advanced news online yesterday afternoon, the Municipality of Funchal (CMF) triggered the services and solved the problem of the cesspit that affected several residents of the neighborhood of Santo Amaro. However, the Câmara left several criticisms to the Housing Investments of Madeira (IHM) by the situation.

Funchal City Council has already cleaned and solved the problem of the clogged cesspit in the neighborhood of Santo Amaro, which left a foul smell in the place, and spreading all the sewage down the road. CMF source told Jornal Madeira that the “pit issue” clogged in Santo Amaro “is already resolved”. The same source said that it was “important to mention, however, that this is a neighborhood of the Housing Investments of Madeira (IHM), where the networks are never maintained by us, this is the responsibility of the company that supervises” that neighborhood. The situation that “happened is due to lack of maintenance, and ends up being the CMF to resolve when it reaches this point, even though it could have been prevented and it is not our responsibility,” he said.