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The removal of the bus which hit a ravine in Caniço on Wednesday, causing 29 dead and 27 injured, is already underway with the installation of cranes that must adopt all the procedures for the vehicle to be removed in safety. The bus has already been positioned so as to be pulled out onto the road.

The situation as it was a few minutes past 2am in the morning, there was still some uncertainty as to the possibility of such a withdrawal occur quickly, since it is a complex operation since the cables must ensure that there is security and that there is no doubt that the cables could give way and possibly cause further damage.

At this time, the cables were already attached to the bus and even before any operation, a team of technicians were inspecting the area where the bus remained after the fall, as well as its interior, in order to determine if there could be any body underneath the vehicle. The bus is already in the position to be transported to the road when the clocks point to 2.30 am. 

Taken from Funchal News

I believe the bus has been totally removed from the scene of the crash now.