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Douglas González, the young Venezuelan artist who painted a canvas on the central space of Arriaga Avenue about two weeks ago, where he joined Cristiano Ronaldo, ‘Cristianinho’ and Dinis Aveiro, has already finished his work.

Conciliating the painting with his occupation, the young Venezuelan confided that it took less than a week to finish the painting, which is the first of many works that he plans to exhibit in the near future. He confided to the Diario Noticias, in front of the Cathedral, in Funchal, that it is not for sale, as he had already mentioned on 28 March.

“Two ladies passed here recently and started to cry because they knew the father of Cristiano Ronaldo,” said Douglas Gonzalez, explaining that this painting is, above all, “a tribute” to the greatest symbol of Madeira, not forgetting “the legacy” of the Aveiro family. Many passers-by have stopped to observe the portrait, which otherwise never took place in real life, because Dinis Aveiro did not have the opportunity to meet the grandson.

It is also important to mention that Madeira welcomes the South American in these moments that are troubled for those who live in Venezuela.

A great piece of work, well done Douglas…..