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The Institute of Forests and Nature Conservation (IFCN) today confirmed in a note published on the official facebook page, that the young female sea lion continues to bath in Porto Santo, “an unusual situation since the sightings of these animals in this island are very sporadic. ” The animal rests during the day at the beach and at night most likely goes out to sea to feed, “which indicates that it is well,” reports the IFCN.

To ensure the welfare of this seal, it is being monitored to evaluate the need or not to intervene. For now, the IFCN’s vigilante plan is to let the young female recover from the long journey from the Desertas, so that she can then follow her course, which will most certainly be the Desertas Islands and Madeira. If this does not happen, after it has been recovered, which may take a few weeks, then the guards should give a hand and return the animal to the place of birth – the Deserted Islands. 

For now the IFCN reinforces the call “we can all collaborate in its recovery giving it space, avoiding making noise and not taking any pets to the place where she rests.”