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The baby seal that has made the beach on the island of Porto Santo its resting place reappeared today, after having disappeared since Tuesday night.

Rosa Pires, a biologist at the Institute of Forests and Nature Conservation (IFCN), explained to Lusa that after the disappearance that happened on Tuesday, the baby appeared again today, which is considered natural.

“This is the expected behavior of an animal that begins to gain energy to function according to its nature and not limited by any question it had when it first arrived in Porto Santo,” she said, in this case an alleged fatigue by having crossed the Desertas Islands to the island of Porto Santo.

The first sighting of this creature happened on April 10, a Wednesday when, to the surprise of many, it appeared on the beach of the island.

The first days were always the same for this six-month-old female who had to disappear at night to hunt and feed herself, returning later in the morning to rest on the golden sands of the island of Porto Santo, seeing this return as a good signal.

“It’s a sign that the baby is recovering and is not limited to a space because of his physical tiredness,” she said, recalling that animals at this stage “exploit a lot” and usually return home.

This behaviour is not considered at all an ideal situation for the welfare of the animal and IFCN equates, if the offspring do not go at their own expense back to the Desertas Islands, the IFCN itself to transport it to their habitat .

Photo Fábio Brito, Check his Facebook Page