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Although Funchal woke up almost dry, it rained torrentially in several places of the island during the night, mainly between the end of the night of yesterday and beginning of dawn, and in particular in the high zones and North coast. The rain was so much that in some places even reached red warning levels.

According to the records of the meteorological stations, there are four registers with red warning level, four corresponding to orange warning and eight to yellow. In the Chão do Areeiro there was a heavy rain between 21.50 and 03.50, in only 10 minutes at the beginning of the night, falling 14.2 mm, the equivalent of a yellow warning for 1 hour of rain.

In the red were Chão do Areeiro with 101.1 mm / 6h and 60.3 mm / 1h; the Pico do Areeiro with 76.7 mm / 6h; and São Vicente with 76.5 mm / 6h.

At the orange level were also the Pico Areeiro with 24.1 mm / 1h; São Vicente with 27.4 mm / 1h; Porto Santo with 28.8 mm / 1h (yesterday) and Madeira Airport, which reached 22.5 mm / 1h.

With quantities to motivate a yellow warning were the Bica da Cana, with 37.5 mm / 6h and 16.8 mm / 1h, Porto Santo with 39.0 mm / 6h (yesterday), Lombo da Terça, with 11, 4 mm / 1h and 13.3 mm / 1h (yesterday), and Santo da Serra 11.7 mm / 1h. In the group are also Ponta de S. Jorge with 10.9 mm / 1h and Porto Moniz, with 12.5 mm / 1h.

The worst of the weather now seems to be over, but the island will remain with a yellow warning until 6pm today.