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It has been impossible to contact the heads of the Regional Government in the area of ​​fisheries.

Despite several attempts, Humberto Vasconcelos, regional secretary of Agriculture and Fisheries, remained uncontactable, but he did advise that he will not talk about it. The same happens with Luís Ferreira, Regional Director of Fisheries.

Prevails in this way the ‘silence’ of the Regional Government in relation to the installation and exploitation of fish in cages in the open sea, project of the company Marismar planned for the sea of ​​Fajã dos Padres, just off the viewpoint of Cabo Girão. In total there are 20 cages (6 of 12.5 meters in diameter and 14 of 25 meters), estimating that they occupy an area of ​​more than 7,600 square meters.

The Regional Government, through the Regional Directorate of Fisheries, opened a public discussion, which ends this Tuesday, April 30.