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The closure of the hotel unit inaugurated two years ago happened last Thursday catching everyone by surprise.

Some guests staying there will even have asked for help from the PSP to remove belongings from their rooms. 

At the door, there is only a handwritten notice, where you can read that the hotel is temporarily closed for remodelling works.

The Mayor of Santa Cruz says that it is not necessary to request permission for works in the interior, but that the owners informally inform the councillor with the works of their intention to repair some plumbing and remodel the reception. 

Filipe Sousa reinforces the strangeness of the closure of the hotel, which always had good occupations that the unit had been registering. 

The Chamber does not know if the 30 days of works will be fulfilled, since there is no movement inside the Santa Cruz Boutique-Hotel. 

The Regional Directorate for Tourism made it known that it is making efforts to obtain more details about the situation and that it was contacted by a reservation tourist for a later period and that, having failed to reach the hotel, contacted the regional directorate.

The hotel union was also surprised by the closure, as it was not contacted by any workers at that facility, which – remember – recovered the old Tristão Building, on the Santa Cruz sea front. 

The investment announced was close to one million euros, by a foreign businessmen.

Taken from RTPMadeira