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An outbreak of mange was detected at the Hospital dos Marmeleiros, in Funchal.

According to the Diario Noticias there are at least seven people infected, including patients and professionals from that health facility.

A note recently sent by SESARAM states:

“Following several requests from some media, the Health Service of the Autonomous Region of Madeira (SESARAM EPE) confirms that scabiosis (scabies) has been identified on the 3rd floor of the Hospital dos Marmeleiros. The situation was identified in a patient coming from abroad who, for other clinical reasons, came to be hospitalised.

After the diagnosis, the recommended safety and control measures were implemented, in order to minimize the effects of this situation on hospitalised users and professionals.

We clarify that scabies is not a serious disease. It is a contagious cutaneous lesion, caused by a parasite, which has as main symptoms itching, pruritus and rashes.

Scabies, although undesirable, may occur in any public space and, if identified in users at the ADR Health Service, it should be clarified that the Office is fully prepared to take the necessary security measures to control such scabies. situation.

Finally, we can not fail to mention that after a week marked by a tragedy, a truly worrying situation that deserved a full and effective performance of this Health Service, deserving regional, national and international recognition, it is regrettable the importance given to this subject (scabies). “