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Please do not watch this video while eating.

The resident population in the neighbourhood of Santo Amaro is revolted with the public health attack that has been happening for more than a week.

According to several residents, a cesspit has been clogged for more than a week and has thrown onto the road human waste and all the crap it contains. “You cannot stand this smell of this crap, this is a shame”.

People who live here, next to block 8, can no longer go out. “We have to close the windows so that the smell does not invade the house “, says a resident, 71 years old, retired from the Municipality of Funchal. Every day we call the camera and they do nothing. They say they will come, but we have not seen anyone yet. This is a smell that we or anyone can stand. The rubbish keeps coming out of the pit and no one fixes it.

The video below shows the sewage coming out of the drain.