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25th April is a Public Holiday and Celebrates the 1974 coup d’etat that ended the Estado Novo government and established the Portuguese Third Republic. The video below is the start of the Celebrations.

PTP makes harsh criticism of Cafôfo and Albuquerque at the 25 April ceremony at CMF

José Alberto de Faria, from the PTP, has just harshly criticised Paulo Cafôfo and Miguel Albuquerque.

“It turned a progressive democratic project into a real lie,” he said.

“There are no major differences between Albuquerque and Cafôfo,” he said, setting an example of using public money to promote themselves.

In the case of Cafôfo, he accused the CMF president of using the position of mayor to promote the regional elections.

Gil Canha accuses Cafôfo of “betrayal” and surrender to “corruption”

The independent deputy, Gil Canha, made the first intervention of the 45th anniversary session of April 25 and made harsh criticism of Paulo Cafôfo.

Canha recalled the 2013 movement, in which several parties came together, led “by a person who seemed serious and responsible.” Everything is over, he says, “in a huge failure.”

The deputy accuses Paulo Cafôfo and his “group of Cubans” of “betrayal” and have surrendered “to corruption and nepotism.”

“A species of a spitting snake that filled its nest with friends and girlfriends.”

As for the PSD says that he was scared with the “cafofadas” and that Albuquerque was not the hope that much had and surrendered “to the brigade of rheumatic Jardim”.

All translated from DN