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The level of meteorological warning for the precipitation, now also extended to Porto Santo, was raised to orange a few moments ago.

The Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA) places the whole of the Madeira Archipelago under orange warning until 03:00 pm tomorrow 3rd April, due to the expected precipitation, namely “heavy downpours accompanied by thunderstorms”. The warn will then revert back to yellow until midnight on the 3rd.

It should be remembered that this morning there were showers, sometimes strong, that in three of the 20 locations covered by the IPMA observation network reached values ​​consistent with weather warnings.

The highest occurrence occurred in Porto Santo (28.8 mm / 1 h), consistent with a moderate to high risk meteorological situation (orange). The other two were found at Monte (13.3 mm / 1h) and Santo da Serra (10.7 mm / 1h), both corresponding to a yellow warning, which was initially expected to come into effect at noon and only on Madeira Island.