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In 2018, some 81,000 people in the Autonomous Region were at risk of poverty or social exclusion, representing a rate of 31.9%.

The data were revealed this afternoon by the Regional Directorate of Statistics, referring to the final data of the Survey on Living Conditions and Income 2018.

As part of the Europe 2020 strategy, an indicator was defined for the population at risk of poverty or social exclusion, combining the concepts of relative poverty risk – people with annual incomes per equivalent adult below the poverty line – and deprivation material, with the concept of labor intensity per capita very low.

The Açores appeared in this indicator with the highest value (36.4%), while Lisboa had the lowest rate (16.7%), read in the note released by the DRE.

The national average was 21.6%, with 2.2 million people in Portugal at risk of poverty or social exclusion.