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The Madeira Airport will stage this evening, from 22:30 an emergency exercise, taking place in the public area of ​​departures, floor 1 that will involve various forces, namely the Public Security Police, which will lead the operation in the area of ​​greatest impact of the exercise, firemen, health services and authorities, military and civil, in addition to airport services. At the same time it will be working, so the board asks people not to be alarmed by the extraordinary movement, which will start at 10 pm with the conditioning of road access to the airport.

This type of exercise is integrated into the airport management plan, which takes place every two years, the management reveals, adding that everything will be done to minimize any disruption caused to the normal operation of the airport. 

“Due to the nature of the exercise is expected an extraordinary movement of emergency vehicles in the public access roads to the Airport,” he reports. “Thus, the population of Funchal is warned not to be alarmed by the circulation of the means involved in this drill operation.”

Taken from Diario Noticias