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On the sidelines of the opening ceremony of the section of the Expresso Expressway between Raposeira and Fajã da Ovelha, the President of the Regional Government confirmed that the work on the Ponta do Pargo golf course will really advance.

Miguel Albuquerque said that the Government is acquiring the rest of the land, and then conceding the work to a private company.

“We have to take advantage of all the work that has already been done and the lands that the Government has already acquired,” he said, pointing out that the investment will bring “another center for job creation, tourism attraction, and development”, adding although “these two parishes only have to gain from this”.

The promise of the chief of the Madeiran Executive was recalled among other investment measures announced for the council. “My commitments to Calheta remain the same,” he said.

On the statement by António Costa, in which he threatened to resign if the law providing for the full thawing of professors’ careers was approved, Albuquerque repeated what he had already said this morning: “The sooner this Government resigns, the better for Madeira . “