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José Sousa, the bus driver involved in the recent tragedy in Caniço, had an operation on his arm last Thursday night at the hospital da Luz. 

According to Jornal Madeira, the medical team that now accompanies him, decided to undergo surgical intervention to alleviate the pain suffered in the serious accident on April 17, which killed 29 people and injured 27 others.

Apparently, the injury had not been fully treated, despite the hospital discharge he received.

The driver continues to be followed by clinical psychologist Nivalda Fernandes, from the Trucking and Metallurgical Activities Trade Union of the Autonomous Region of Madeira, and from Monday will also be followed by the psychiatrist Carina Mendonça.

It is also known that last week, SAM officials, owner of the vehicle, visited José Sousa at Hospital da Luz.

Despite being in a private clinic, the driver continues to be followed by SESARAM, who even marked a psychiatrist for an appointment at the health unit where José Sousa is hospitalised.