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There are several mountain guides that criticise the way the Pico Ruivo Shelter House has been managed. Music at heights, garbage and improper use of motor vehicles for the transport of goods are the basis of this dissatisfaction.

These professionals, who pass through the highest point of Madeira on a weekly basis with groups of tourists, allege that the employees have been misbehaving, putting in question the usual rest in that place and make it dangerous to use the path between Achada do Teixeira and this peak with motorcycle circulation for the transport of goods. The guides, we are told, only echo the dissatisfaction of their customers. They acknowledge that they have not alerted the Regional Environment Secretary (SRARN) to this situation, but they argue that measures must be taken to ensure that the quality of the site is not compromised.

Emanuel Andrade is one of those most critical voices. The guide ensures that the trail has been damaged and that customers complain about the situation.


Tenant denies criticism

The chairman of the Land Association of Serras da Freguesia da Ilha, a leaseholder of floors 0 and 1 of Pico Ruivo’s house, Manuel João Jesus, denies the criticisms made. “The two girls who assure the daily functioning of the House have an exemplary behaviour, because there is no radio there,” he said, highlighting the improvement in the service that has been provided since they took care of that space. It recognises that quad bikes have been used by the contractor responsible for the recovery of the property, duly authorized by SRARN.

Manuel João believes that “never before has this house offered such good conditions to tourists,” criticising even the behaviour of some guides who, faced with the payment obligation to use the toilets, “put a coin and allow any group that to accompany them use them without paying. ”

It should be noted that SRARN has not received any complaint to date regarding the alleged malfunction of the Pico Ruivo house.

Taken from DF