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The Territorial Command of Madeira, through the Territorial Office of Funchal, in a statement yesterday arrested a 22-year-old man for the crime of drug trafficking in the locality of Camacha.

“Following the patrolling and surveillance actions in that locality, the military detected a vehicle to perform a suspicious maneuver while driving on the public highway, which led to its approach, and consequent inspection, and it was possible to verify that the driver had in his possession of four kilograms of hashish, corresponding to about 8 000 doses, “reads a press release.

He adds that “immediately the suspect was detained and in the subsequent proceedings the drug was seized, a mobile phone, the vehicle in which he followed and also a prohibited weapon that the suspect had in his possession, and 5,600 euros in money.

He further informs that the detainee remained in the Guard’s facilities and will be present today to the Santa Cruz Judicial Court for the application of coercive measures.