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Miguel Albuquerque considered today that the fashion show allusivo to the flower, integrated in the Festa that lasts four weeks, came to stay. The public joined to accompany the work of Madeiran stylists, consecrated and new values, giving shape to an initiative that drove many people down to People’s Square. 
“We took advantage of the success of Madeira Fashion and we asked to incorporate, at the Flower Festival, a fashion show alluding to the event, showing the designers and quality mannequins, linking the fashion to the flower. I am sure that this event will mark the poster of the Flower Festival, starting from this pilot project for initiatives of the kind in the future, “said the President of the Government, who was present at the event. 
The Madeira Flower Collection had the participation of designers Diogo Monteiro | Talents Competition; Cláudia Faria | Contest Talentos,  Henrique Teixeira, Sara Gomes, Hugo Santos, Karla Vieira, Lúcia Sousa, André Pereira, Sandra Vieira, Mariana Sousa andMicaela Oliveira | National Guest.

Taken from Funchal News