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Saturday, May 11th, at the People’s Square, (Praça do Povo) there is a fashion show at 6pm for the first time under the Flower Festival. With free admission. There will be presented the proposals of ten regional fashion designers – two of them selected by competition – and a national guest.

According to a note from the Regional Secretary for Tourism and Culture, this event arises “as a result of the success of the MODA MADEIRA event – an event that has returned to the regional calendar, integrated in the celebrations of the 600 Years – , by including, for the first time, a fashion show, inspired and shown in flowers.

The “Madeira Flower Collection”, which is the result of a partnership between the Regional Secretary for Tourism and Culture and the Madeiran Young Businessmen’s Association, also includes the celebrations of the 600 Years and aims “on the one hand to enrich and complement the Festa of the Flower, affirming and projecting it in its difference and, on the other hand, to value and encourage the appearance of new creators of Madeiran fashion, as well as mannequins and professional models.

At the same time, says the same note of the SRTC, “the bet on the greater involvement of the business community in the dynamisation of this great tourist event contributes to reinvent an animation offer that is already consolidated and that, currently prolonged in time, only has to win with the inclusion of these new artistic proposals that simultaneously mobilise and attract the new generations and young creators of Madeira, but also the resident and tourist public. “

Translated from Funchal News