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The timetable for the “ferry” operation for the summer of 2019 between Madeira and Portimão, starting on July 8 and guaranteed by the ship “Volcan de Timanfaya”, is now available on the website of ENM FERRIES, from the Sousa group.

It should be recalled that in February, the head of the group that defends the ferry all year round, Melich Farinha, had told Funchal News of the difficulties that had already pointed to the arrival of the previous ship that made the operation in 2018, the Tijarafe Volcano. “Volcan de Tijarafe”, the “ferry” that would have all the conditions to ensure the journey, in terms of “maritime safety, stable navigation and good comfort was placed “in a new maritime connection in the Mediterranean in November 2018”.

Today, ENM already makes travel marking available and although the company has not made any official communication, the two daily newspapers approach the subject “make official” the information.

The ship has length 240, mouth 24.20, with 56 cabins, 206 beds and entered service in 2004. It has a capacity of 1,350 ML plus 300 automobiles. The service speed is 23 knots.