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The GNR Madeira Territorial Command, through the Zona Franca Tax Office, on May 20, arrested a 30-year-old man for drug trafficking in Caniçal, said a press release from the police.

“During a patrol action near the  Airport of Madeira, the military detected a vehicle that circulated in excessive speed, having been approached in the locality of Caniçal, at which moment the driver adopted a suspicious behaviour, having been detected a package that contained in his interior seven packages with heroin “, explains the GNR

As a result of the arrest of the suspect, the doses of heroin were seized and 160 euros in cash.

According to the same information, “the detainee, with a criminal record for the same type of crime, was present yesterday, May 21, at the Santa Cruz Judicial Court, and the coercive measures to prohibit entry into the Caniçal and periodic presentations at the police station in the area of ​​residence “.