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So who still books with Gold Car ? I guess people who don’t read my blog.

Gold Car have just been voted the Worst Car Hire Company in Which? survey.

Goldcar has been named Europe’s worst car hire firm, with customers reportedly complaining that their holidays were ruined by pressure-selling, rude staff and shock charges.

You can read the full report by Which? Here

Its probably the one company I get most emails about here in Madeira, The staff are rude especially one certain lady who’s name pops up in most complaints for Madeira, She is a nasty piece of work that bullies and pressures customers to hand over more cash, and makes my blood boil…..

Below is the most recent complaint I have had, and want to share with you all.


I am currently dealing with Goldcar at the Funchal airport location over this matter, but feel it necessary to also report the criminal activity of this company to you, which has been and is affecting tourists visiting Madeira.

After renting a car and returning it in the same condition (with no scratches and a full tank of gas), days later while in Sao Miguel I was sent an email saying two scratches were found on the car. I was charged over $400 dollars for that and gas, despite returning the car with a full tank and producing a receipt of having done so. My spouse and I walked around the car and noticed no imperfections when we dropped the car in the lot; also, the pictures of the “scratches” look as though they were drawn on with a pen!

So I immediately began looking at reviews of Goldcar (something I wish I had done before my trip) and have seen numerous reviews by unhappy customers, all reporting the same story: unnecessary up-sells to a larger engine, charges for gas when the tank is returned full, and charges for damage that drivers claim was never there. If you have not seen these reviews (and noticed the high number of them) I encourage you to do so. There are forums online just for victims of Goldcar! And most recently, the company has even blocked their appearance on travel review websites like TripAdvisor.  This is a company that is undoubtedly involved in illegal business activities; in the USA they would be targeted and shut down.

Madeira is a wonderful island and a very appealing tourist destination. Companies like Goldcar can leave visitors with a sour impression and harm tourism though, so I implore you to investigate and put pressure on them.

Elisabeth & Jillian Beccue

Here are the 2 pics they sent, of the “scratches” that mysteriously appeared after I left the car in their lot.

Unfortunately we did not video record our walk around the car; both of us took a close look in the sunshine though and these scratches were not on the car. 


I’ve also attached the PDF doc they sent us, noting the car’s license plate and the location of the scratches.

Lastly Tobi, I have sent proof of gas purchase on the day of the car’s return to Goldcar from a station only miles away.  I filled the tank and returned the car, but was charged for tank refill. 

Goldcar has required us to fill out two claims of our denial of the charges, and we still have not received a response from them. 

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It would be good to see this company  pushed out from our beautiful island.