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Henrique Afonso, the Madeiran who is traveling around the world aboard the ‘Sofia do Mar’ sailboat, is about to cross the Panama Canal in South America, heading for the Pacific Ocean, a space never before sailed. 

“I’m ready and waiting to cross the channel. It’s a great time! It’s okay and I’m at the beginning of the channel after the great experiences I had in Cartagena and Portobelo, “Henrique Afonso added to the Diario, unable to pinpoint the estimated time to cross the 77.1 kilometers of the channel that connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.

After leaving on January 15, from Funchal, the sailor already takes almost four months of a trip that only ends in 2022. In his navigation chart he has already marked passes through 16 sites, among them in the regions of the Canaries, Cape Verde, Caribbean, Colombia and, now, Panama.

It is recalled that the ‘Pirate’ is recreating the ‘Wine of the Wheel’ epic , taking with him two barrels with 100 liters each of Madeira Wine. Throughout this trip he has already encountered family members he had never met and even came upon a statue of Cristiano Ronaldo in Aruba. Adventures that you can continue to follow in Diario Noticias , on Facebook or via Marine Traffic .