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Iolanda Fernandes Gomes, 48, was convicted of the theft from an elderly woman suffering from dementia. She took advantage of the illness of the victim, whom she took care of by depositing three checks worth £ 10,000 in her name.

Iolanda Gomes was sentenced to 12 months in prison after being caught by one of her friends, who offered to take care of her finances, finding that the Madeiran caretaker had deposited large sums in her own account.

Iolanda Gomes took care of the old lady by contract with an agency with the British Department of Health. Lived for 22 years in Jersey and the social report indicated that her actions were the result of a difficult childhood.

The court recommends the deportation of Iolanda Gomes to Madeira, however the Madeira defender argues that she has been in Jersey for a long time and already regards the island as her home.