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French athlete Michel Lanne of the Salomon team is the latest confirmation for Ultra Skyrunning Madeira, a press release said.

Salomon’s French athlete will participate for the first time in the Madeira Sky Race (MSR), which will take place on June 1 in Santana, Madeira, Portugal.

Among the best results of Michel Lanne is the first place in the South Traces des Ducs de Savoie (TDS) 2017, considered the most demanding event of the UTMB, and have won the second place in the Skyrunning World Championship in 2014.

Ultra Skyrunning Madeira (USM) is part of the Skyrunner® World Series of the International Skyrunning Federation and the Skyrunner® National Series Spain, Andorra & Portugal calendar. The event consists of 4 events from different distances: Madeira Sky Race (55.6km 4121m D +), Santana Vertical Kilometer® (4.8Km 1003D +), Santana Sky Race (23km 1672D +), . The novelty of this year is a free race for children, KIDS Santana SkyRace, which will take place precisely on the day of the child on 1 June.

USM 2019 will take place on 31 May and 1 June in Madeira.  From FN