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The title of this news corresponds to the first appeal that the regional secretary of the Environment and Natural Resources, Susana Prada, made this morning in the presentation of the campaign to prevent forest fires 2019 entitled ‘A safe forest depends on us all’.

“Because the vast majority of fires result from wrong behaviors that may be due to negligence or ignorance, it is necessary to remind the population that they can and should enjoy nature but with responsibility,” she said.  Done through the media, in various public places and on the Internet by the end of October. Among the behaviors to avoid at all costs to avoid the ignition of forest fires, in addition to the aforementioned throwing of cigarettes, Susana Prada asked the citizens of Madeira not to burn until 31st October because they are not authorised, do not make fires or barbecues outside of the proper places and completely extinguish the embers.