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This Wednesday is celebrated the Day of the Municipality of Machico, for the first time on May 8, the date of the donation of the captaincy by Infante D. Henrique to Tristão Vaz Teixeira in 1440.

“It is a special day for Machico,” said Mayor Ricardo Franco, recalling that it is the oldest settlement in Madeira. “This change of the Day of the Council has restored the historical truth and the right age of Machico. From now on will be the celebration of the county on May 8.”

Ricardo Franco also announced that three new hotel projects were approved for the county. “The promoters will now be able to start the work when they think it is appropriate,” he said, adding that there are “other projects on the table, of equal or greater volume”.

Investments that, says the mayor, prove that Machico is “on the path of tourism development.”