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Between mid-afternoon yesterday and today’s dawn 19 flights between arrivals (10) and departures (9) were canceled at Madeira International Airport, once again, because of the strong wind that continues to blow on the Eastern point, It is estimated that about 3,000 passengers have been affected by these cancellations.

Earlier this morning a plane from Hannover was diverted to Porto Santo, with two other domestic flights, both coming from Porto – TAP and easyJet – waiting in circles’ off the north coast of Madeira without even attempting to approach the runway in Santa Cruz, which at the last hour recorded gust of up to 77 km / h and average wind in the 42.5 km. This Sunday there is no record (until 8:20) of any landing at Madeira Airport.

Wind that last night reached a gust of up to 89 km / h, diverted the last flights of the dsy, as was the case with the TAP plane coming from Porto, which at midnight still made two attempts to land in Santa Cruz, but was forced to abort the approach that was very close to ‘touching’ the Madeiran runway.