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Police have already recovered all perfumes stolen by the Super Dragons at an airport store in Madeira

According to a police source, the 23 bottles of perfume were recovered on Sunday, at which time the Porto fans checked in at the boarding gate.

The supporters were confronted by PSP agents and airport officials, who recovered all stolen material.

As we learned, while a supporter distracted the employee, the other members stole 23 bottles of perfumes. Then they disappeared from the store.

Several fans were identified on Sunday, while others had already been on Saturday.

The value of perfumes exceeds 1,500 euros.

The fans arrived Saturday to support Porto FC who played on Sunday.

The supporters already caused a lot of trouble in coppacabana club, stripping off and chanting and dancing on tables.

Lets hope the police have learned a lesson from this scum and ban them from entering the island again for football matches.

Video from Lipinho Ferreira Photography