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The flight TP 1699, coming from Lisbon, is the first to land at the airport today.

The TAP plane, which landed at 9:32 am, took advantage of an ‘open’ and made the way for a successful landing. The other three planes from mainland diverted to Porto Santo, another to Faro, and a third to Lisbon.

However, two flights, from Easy Jet, that were coming from Porto and from Lisbon, were already canceled.

The airport of Madeira is conditioned due to the wind from the beginning of the afternoon yesterday, day in which ended up being canceled 10 arrivals and 9 departures. Only at the end of the night did four planes land. The others returned to the origin and there were also passengers who stayed overnight in Porto Santo.

It should be noted that for today 36 flights to Madeira airport are planned.

The Stanstead flight has also just managed to land after being in a holding pattern for a while.