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Thanks to a blog ready for sending me this.

I feel that I must share with you and your blogees my latest experience of ‘tourist prices’ or, as it should be known, theft.

On Thursday I went for a coffee with a Maderian friend to the café in Funchal’s municipal gardens. In his good and my moderate Portuguese we both ordered a chinesa. Very nice. Cost €1.30 each.
Today, Friday, I went to the café again, with my wife and ordered,  in my moderate Portuguese, two chinesas.  Cost €2.75 each!!!
I refused to pay this and sought an explanation for the tourist increase.
I received an apology and a revised ‘conta’ for €1.30!
This disgraceful practice is discriminatory. Establishments continuing this appalling behavior should be named,shamed and boycotted.
Similarly decent honest businesses should be praised and supported.
I totally agree with this, I wouldn’t pay more than 2 euros for a coffee (chinesa) anywhere on the island, I like Cafe Teatro, and here I am happy to pay 2 euros the same with Grand Cafe. Anyone tries to charge me more than this, then I just wouldn’t pay it. I think tourists don’t realise and seem happy to pay more especially in hotels where you expect it to be expensive from the start.