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According to a Renault statement, “as part of a program called Smart Fossil Free Island,

Currently, 14 units of the Renault ZOE and 6 Kangoo ZE models, used daily by volunteers residing on the island, are circulating in Porto Santo. Of the 20 vehicles, four Kangoo ZE are used as a taxi, two Kangoo ZE transfer services to hotel units, one Renault ZOE is in the service of local police and another of the Electricity Company of Madeira (EEM).

According to the same note, a “year after the launch of the project, electric mobility has already benefited 224 users and covered 212,520 km in island territory.”

It adds that “vehicles are smartcharged, thanks to the 40 connected, private or public charging stations installed on the island by EEM and the Renault Group.”

The Renault Group “also created two stationary energy storage units, offering a second life to batteries from Renault electric vehicles (132 kW).”

He also reports that the “objective is to store the intermittent energy produced by the solar and wind power plants of Porto Santo, as well as to regulate the voltage, in order to help stabilise the network.”

“Stored as it is produced, this energy is returned to the grid to respond to local needs,” he concludes.