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It was called Café del Mar but closed yesterday the doors to give rise to other investments, of the same owners, related to the block, being probable that the works will begin soon.

The space, in Rua António José de Almeida, has been in operation for some time after being owned by the entrepreneurs of Café do Teatro, who sold to the current owners, who in turn propose to develop a larger project, a hotel development with 222 beds, already approved in the Government Plenary in December 2018.

The investment, by businessman Anacleto Teixeira, will be developed by EMERALDTOWN – Empreendimentos Imobiliários, covering Rua dos Murças, Rua da Alfândega and Rua Dr. António José de Almeida, with an investment of around 20 million euros.

As Funchal News reported in December 2018, “the hotel unit, by providing 222 beds, exceeds the limit of 160 beds for tourist enterprises to carry out in urban spaces, but in this case, the Government has decided to “take advantage of the prerogative that allows to increase, exceptionally this limit of 60% in the case of tourist enterprises that, due to their functional characteristics, complementary equipment offer, providing green spaces and integration in the place , constitute enterprises that qualify and diversify the tourism offer “.

Café del Mar fechou as portas. Fotos Rui Marote