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The airport has just about hot back to normal after this mornings chaos.

There were six flights this morning diverted from Madeira International Airport , due to the poor visibility that was installed in the area east of the island of Madeira between 9 and 11 o’clock. By 11 am five flights were reported as diverted, to Porto Santo, the Canaries and Continental Portugal, the same thing would happen in the last hour of the morning with the easyJet plane coming from Bristol, which also diverged as a result of the curtain which prevented the approach to the runway of Santa Cruz.

However there are two canceled flights, arrival and departure, due to bad weather. This is the domestic connection operated by TAP that arrived in Madeira in the middle of the morning. Initially it was given as diverted, and subsequently canceled.

Now the air movement to and from Madeira with many UK flights on a Monday should be normalised in the next few hours, with many passengers not able to leave the island due to flights not arriving.