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The draw for the attribution of the public spaces for the commercialisation of fruit of the time in Funchal takes place this Tuesday, at 3:00 pm., in the City Hall. The interested merchants could only register during the day at the counter of the Loja do Munícipe, and the registration period ended at 6:00 p.m.

The JM had already confronted the local authority with this question for several days, but the answer only arrived this afternoon, even ‘over’ the deadline for applications.

The moment was long awaited by the farmers, who had already been in despair a few days ago. This is because, according to the producers’ comments, the fruits have already been able to be marketed a few weeks ago. An example of this is the already mature cherries whose picking has been postponed due to the delay of this draw.

In this way, the commercialisation of the fruit of the time will only be possible from next Wednesday, June 5, and will continue until December 30, 2019.

According to the information contained in the order, “17 public spaces will be allocated for the marketing of fruit of the season with a non-sedentary character”, spread over several arteries of the city of Funchal. In the event of any remaining vacancies, the municipality informs that there will be a new draw, in which can participate the economic agents that are not producers of fruit of the time.

Very late this year, as they are normally on the streets last week of May.