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The Territorial Commander of Madeira reports in a communique that from June 1 to 6, in collaboration with the Regional Authority for Economic Activities and the Public Security Police, carried out several inspection actions in the context of the anti-counterfeit operation in the localities of Santa Cruz, Funchal and Ribeira Brava.

It adds the same note that following the inspections carried out the military seized a total of 6, 271 counterfeit articles, valued at 45, 750 euros, of which the following stand out:

· 5 192 pieces of clothing;

· 720 sports goods;

· 66 perfumes;

· 30 clocks;

· 28 wallets.

“Also following the inspection actions, 16 felonies for counterfeiting and five for drug trafficking were detected, and three counter-ordering cases were also developed, of which one stands out: one due to lack of security rules; two for lack of indication of mandatory particulars on the labeling in Portuguese “.

GNR “stresses that there has been an increase in the counterfeiting of other types of products other than garments such as electronic components, medicines, cosmetics, foodstuffs and food supplements with detrimental effects on consumer safety and health.”