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Until midday Yesterday, 650 people entered the Lido Bathing Complex, the place chosen to hold the ‘World’s Largest Swimming Class’.

The numbers were advanced to the JM by the administrator of the Frente Mar Funchal, who was satisfied by the “great adhesion” that “exceeded expectations”. The event, which took place this morning, attracted twice as many people as usual for a holiday or a weekend.

There were several families who took advantage of the morning to swim, and given the affluence the Frente Mar decided to offer, after the swimming lesson, an aquatics lesson.

According to Nelson Abreu, the objective of this initiative was to alert to the importance of swimming lessons in the prevention of drowning. The Frente Mar was therefore associated with this initiative promoted by ‘World’s Largest Swimming Lesson’ (WLSL), which takes place in more than 600 locations in more than 50 countries on the same date. In Portugal, the city of Funchal was the only one to join.

The administrator of the Frente Mar believes that swimming lessons save lives by promoting the learning and practice of sports as a way to reduce water-related accidents and drowning.