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The gardens of the Lido host another edition of the ‘Garden of Flavors’, a gastronomic event inaugurated yesterday by the president of the municipality of Funchal, Miguel Silva Gouveia, which runs until Sunday, June 23.

Miguel Silva Gouveia praised another example of the City’s continuous commitment to quality events, in this case, in gastronomic, recreational and cultural terms. “This is a celebration that takes place in the month of the Popular Saints, but has been more and more adherent, which attests to its quality and justifies this bet by the Funchal Chamber, the Junta de São Martinho and the Frente Mar, in a scenario as pleasant as this one on the seafront, which infects Madeira and tourists, “said the leader of the municipality of Funchal who did not fail to highlight” the promotion of environmental sustainability “by banning plastic straw and plastic cups, betting on the use of reusable cups, in line with what CMF is doing in all the events to which it is associated.

The inauguration was also attended by the president of the São Martinho Parish Council, Duarte Caldeira, and the Administrator of the MarFunchal Front, Nelson Abreu, co-organisers of the event.

Taken from DN