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The end of the night of this Sunday, the eve of St. John, promises to be not only lively but also colorful on the Promenade of the sea front of Caniço de Baixo. It is that in addition to the usual popular concentration that brings families and friends together in the traditional Supper of St. John next to the beach of the Reis Magos, this year the Parish Council joins the feast of the people offering “a small typical meal of the day, informs the local authority. This has been done for the last couple of years and people get to taste the traditional meal of Tuna, corn cob, potatoes and beans. 

Towards the end of the night another surprise is confirmed. “This year, as they prepare to dive at midnight, for the traditional swim or bath to cleanse the body,  there will also be fireworks, planned to burst on the beach of the Reis Magos and Promenade do Caniço, these are due to go off at 23.50

A great night if celebrations and one of my favourite parties on the island.