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Through a press statement today, the PSD / Machico Council warned that the yellow sand beach of Machico continues without showers and unguarded, at a time when “it should already have all the conditions to receive the bathers “.

According to Norberto Maciel Ribeiro, “there are numerous people in Machico who question why the beach of yellow sand continues without supervision, given that, officially, this bathing beach should be in force since June 21.”

The President of the Municipality recalls that “Machico receives daily immense people who look for that beach and that they are facing the regrettable lack of basic conditions of security and comfort”, imputing responsibilities to the “bad management of the socialist executive”.

Norberto Maciel Ribeiro also points out that this is “considered by critics as one of the best beaches in Madeira, currently having an excellent rating in relation to water quality”, due to the work done in terms of investments in local infrastructures and also in the through wastewater Madeira plant. (ARM).