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Madeira Embroidery inspired this year the decoration for the parties of São Pedro, in Largo do Poço, in Câmara de Lobos.

An evocation of the 600 years of the discovery of Madeira and Porto Santo, which is celebrated this year, is also evident in the ornaments that are being placed in the downtown area these last few days.

Once again, the reuse of materials is evident, a practice that has been frequent in Câmara de Lobos, in the main festive moments, such as the municipal festivals and Christmas.

The presence of many tourists, foreigners and Portuguese, and the attraction for the new artistic works, notably the statue of Winston Churchill, by Martim Velosa, at the entrance of the inn, and the sea lion of Bordalo II, on the wall at the entrance of the dock, composed of waste. These are now the new scenarios for photos, selfies and others.