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More than 80 children between the ages of five and nine will participate in the World’s Largest Swimming Class between 10:30 am and 11 am on Thursday at the Lido Bath Complex.

The event, aimed at highlighting the importance of swimming lessons in drowning prevention, is promoted by WLSL, taking place in more than 600 locations in more than 50 countries on the same date.

The company FrenteMar Funchal, which manages the bathing complexes of the municipality, is associated to this mega-initiative, which runs globally under the motto “swimming classes save lives”, seeking to promote learning and practice of this sporting modality as a way to reduce water-related accidents and drowning.

It should be noted that the city of Funchal will be the only one in Portugal to be part of the 2019 edition of this initiative that counted, from the first hour, with the support of the City Council for its realization in the city.

Partner in this event is also the Madeira Swimming Association which organizes the participation of six swimming clubs.

It is recalled that drowning is one of the five most frequent causes of accidents that cause death, reaching mainly children between 1-14 years of age.

And that children between the ages of 0 and 4 are the main victims of death by drowning in recent years in our country.

By 2015 the frightening number of 360,000 drowning victims worldwide has been reached, making it a global public health problem.

In Portugal alone, in the last 15 years, 238 drownings occurred with fatal outcome for children and young people, and most of these accidents occurred in swimming pools, especially in the domestic environment.

“This is a clearly important issue, in the face of which the MarFunchal Front reinforces the call for prevention and emphasizes that whatever investment is made to provide beaches with safety conditions, it will only be possible to prevent aquatic accidents with the contribution of all: officials, swimmers-rescuers and users, “reads the press release.

“The first line of prevention of a drowning situation is supervision. Therefore, children should never be alone near the sea or pools.

FMF appeals to parents, grandparents, teachers and all those who accompany the children to the beach to follow and foster a culture of safety and prevention that also teaches how to swim. “